Department of Education hold Roundtable on Gender Recognition Act

15 October 2015

The Department of Education & Skills held a roundtable discussion on the Implications for Schools on the Gender Recognition Act 2015.

The Roundtable meeting was held in the Department of Education & Skills on 6th October, 2015. GLEN attended the roundtable along with a wide range of representatives from all interested parties in schools at all levels. The aim of the meeting was to increase awareness and understanding, enhance capacity and develop greater awareness of policy and curricular planning issues related to transgender students by the Department and its agencies.

GLEN are in the process of producing a comprehensive resource for second level schools on how to support LGBT students through policy and practice. The resource is an update of a series of guidelines produced by GLEN with the support of the Department of Education & Skills and the education partners, it includes a dedicated section on support for transgender students and deals with many of the areas that arose during the roundtable.